NFSINational Floor Safety Institute (Southlake, TX)
NFSINon invasive Functional Source Imaging (International Symposium)
NFSINational Forensic Science Institute (University of Tennessee)
NFSINear and Far Sciences for Illinois
NFSINamibian Farmers' Support Initiative
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Comprised of more than ten years of researching various test methods by which walkway materials, coatings, chemical cleaning agents and treatments can be evaluated for their degree of slip resistance, the NFSI has a comprehensive evaluation process.
According to NFSI officials, walking surfaces are most likely to be identified as the primary cause of a slip, trip-and-fall accident and comprise 55% of all falls.
Slips-and-falls are the leading cause of accidental death for people over the age of 75 and are estimated to cost society more than $60 billion annually, NFSI said.
Additionally, NFSI committed to acquire up to $4 million of the bond issuance in a subordinated position to the remaining Fannie Mae enhanced bonds in the event the project failed to meet its anticipated stabilized net operating income.
We're not really talking about suggestions," says Russell Kendzior, president of NFSI, adding that the ANSI/NFSI standards may become mandated by the Occupational Healthy and Safety Administration (OSHA) in the August revision of its regulations.
As the Director of Foodservice Marketing and Strategy for Cintas, Collette brings extensive experience to the NFSI board and will contribute to its mission of preventing slips, trips and falls in the workplace.
As a company dedicated to delivering on our high quality and safety promise, we are honored to be the first to receive the special NFSI certification," said Robb McMahan, Founder and CEO of GelPro.
NFSI certification is applied to walkway materials, floor maintenance products and floor coatings that result in high-traction floors that increase slip resistance at least 20 percent to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.
FaST(R) (Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology)--A patented system that is NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) certified as increasing floor traction up to 21%, delivering just-scrubbed floors that are immediately clean, quickly dry, and ready for traffic.
Together, CNA and the NFSI have developed a comprehensive half-day training program that will be delivered through CNA's "School of Risk Control Excellence" and cover both the causes, as well as proven techniques, to help prevent slip, trip-and-fall accidents.
Prior to the acquisition, the UWT was manufactured for the NFSI by Elcon GmbH.
NFSI released results of a study that showed 10 out of 19 of the best-selling household floor cleaners on the market tested made floors more slippery than prior to use.