NFTENational Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
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NFTENetwork for Training Entrepreneurship (est. 1987; New York, NY)
NFTENational Federation of Telecom Employees (New Delhi, India)
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We are excited to begin working with Vistage towards the shared goal of encouraging entrepreneurship," said Ann Marie Almeida SVP, Marketing & Development at NFTE.
Partnering with Mara Foundation will allow NFTE graduates to access top-level business mentorship and incubation services so they can start and operate their own businesses and become job creators.
The NFTE South Florida program has impacted over 16,000 students since 2006, offering high school students the opportunity to learn business acumen and receive mentorship from local business owners.
NFTE teaches students how to soar in entrepreneurship, which is an invaluable community partnership for Southwest Airlines.
To foster independent thinking and self-determination, the NFTE program teaches young people to take their talents and hobbies and use them to generate revenue, increasing their self-esteem along with their bank accounts.
Our vision for NFTE is to double our presence internationally by 2015 - increasing the number of participating countries and the number of young people involved from 500,000 to 1 million over the next five years.
In addition, NFTE is giving these finalists their first big break with 60 seconds to sell their business idea to the world, in an online "elevator pitch.
If not for NFTE, I would still be in the back corner of class working day to day, hoping the teacher would never call on me," says Ashley, now in 10th grade at the Academy of Irving in Texas.
All students will submit an application, and NFTE Philadelphia and MLCCC will jointly select the top students based on their business plans, teacher recommendations, camp preference dates and parents' affidavits.
Since 1994, the DC regional chapter of NFTE has empowered more than 25,000 young people from disadvantaged communities with the tools needed to spark entrepreneurial thinking and put them on a trajectory for success.
Mayor Michael Nutter and an expected 325 guests will mark the accomplishments of the NFTE Philadelphia chapter during its three-year existence.