NFUSNational Farmers Union of Scotland
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An NFUS spokesman said: "It was a robust debate with quite a lot of interventions from the floor.
The difference between profit and loss for dairy farmers in this country is a small fraction of the overall margin on milk and dairy products, which could easily be afforded" Chairman NFUS Jimmy Mitchell said: "We believe strongly that the future of the British dairy industry depends on an effective supply chain which ensures fair returns for all parts of that chain.
The public silence amongst supermarkets' suppliers speaks volumes," said NFUS President John Kinnaird.
However, I am aware that producers in some areas, such as Shetland, have yet to harvest their crops, and the Scottish Government, NFUS and other stakeholders continue to closely monitor the situation through our wet weather working group.
NFUS president Nigel Miller said: "While challenges surround both available funding and EU rules on extraordinary payments, we think there is scope to provide targeted support.
NFUS Milk Committee chairman Jimmy Mitchell claimed that poor labelling was allowing cheap imported cheese to appear on shelves marked as 'value' and 'packed in the UK', undermining UK processors' attempts to add value by creating cheese brands.
James Wither, of the NFUS, said: 'Farmers are up at the crack of dawn feeding their animals and if it is even darker then that presents a safety risk as well as making business just more difficult.
In the meantime, I would urge farmers to take part in the surveillance exercise being administered by the NFUS.
Retailers must realise that their cut-throat tactics are in danger of jeopardising the supply of local quality food their customers are increasingly calling for," said NFUS president Jim McLaren.
He has worked extensively with the NFUS, where he is treasurer, past chair man of the Land Use and Environment Committee and also represents NFUS on HGCA's Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee.
The festive period is such an important time for farmers and the meat trade," said NFUS vice-president Nigel Miller.
Pipeline The NFUS are understood to have arranged crisis talks with Asda.