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NFWINational Federation of Women's Institutes (UK)
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We recognise that it will take time for the brand to build but hope that as its sales grow, it will contribute financially to the NFWI," said federation chair Ruth Bond.
The NFWI said members were concerned that the momentum of the initial Great Milk Debate campaign was being lost and farmers were still struggling to make a decent living.
71ppl, which--combined with rising production costs--meant farmers were now in a worse position than before the debates, the NFWI said.
At last year's Royal Welsh Show NFWI, with the FUW, FARM, Farmers For Action, and the Small Farms Association, launched a protest campaign.
She will join leading toxics experts, lobbyists and more than 100 NFWI members from across Wales and England at a Chemicals and Health Conference in London tomorrow.
NFWI public affairs committee chair Marylyn Haines Evans will introduce NFWI's work programme on food security and the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) discussion paper, Food for Thought, commissioned by the NFWI to examine the issues around food security.
The NFWI is urging ministers to take action to ensure a sustainable dairy industry where farmers receive a fair price for their milk.
Our current three resolutions discussed later that day were (a) Payment of benefits at Post Offices, (b) Treatment and therapy of Stroke Sufferers and (c) The funding of children's hospices and a presentation on the current position of the NFWI 'Changing Village' Campaign which began in 1999.
Ms Helen Carey, chairman of the NFWI, said: "Women's Institute members, many from farming families, see themselves as catalysts for change and play a key role in rural communities.
She has been an adviser to other groups all over the UK for nearly 30 years, but in 2009, she started her most important role to date - Chair of Federations of Wales Committee and NFWI board member.
The NFWI challenged members to walk 90 miles in the anniversary year.