NFXFNational Fragile X Foundation (disease support organization)
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Although he considered staying on in the executive director role, Cohen ultimately decided to return to his previous position as NFXF director of government affairs.
Cohen said he appreciates the opportunity to work closely with Ferlenda: "I am thrilled to welcome Tony to the NFXF team and eagerly anticipate our continued Forward progress under his leadership.
As part of the website overhaul project, the NFXF partnered with Torch Creative (torchcreative.
Through a NFXF sponsored program, since 2004 nearly 1000 grass roots advocates have visited their Members of Congress, advocating for innovative research funding and awareness initiatives.
to urge Congress to support this important cause," said Jeffrey Cohen, chair, NFXF Public Policy Committee, and father of a son and daughter with fragile X syndrome.
Families affected by one of the Fragile X-related disorders provide the most powerful motivating force for translational research," says Robert Miller, a CAB member and executive director of the NFXF.
On July 22, family member and dancer/singer/actress, Jasmine Guy, will help the NFXF promote awareness as master of ceremonies for the conference's closing night banquet.