NG-SDHNext Generation of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
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The Lucent Metropolis ADM offers a good package of NG-SDH features in an established platform, but optical and Ethernet port density, VLAN support, and ring termination capabilities are less competitive.
Ericssons OMS1664 has a competitive cross-connect, leading E1, E3, STM-1, and Fast Ethernet port densities, and significant DWDM capability, but this new NG-SDH platform is still missing important data service features.
IIR Conference: NG-SDH -- Packet Transition Speaker: Gady Rosenfeld, VP Marketing Topic: Moving beyond NG-SDH to true packet-based access and core networks Where: Crowne Plaza Hotel -- Vienna, Austria When: Thursday, April 27, 2006 11:30 am URL: http://www.