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NGABNational Guard Armory Board (Texas)
NGABNational Gambling Amendment Bill of 2007 (South Africa)
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To drive more drastic and effective growth within the NGAB, Chair Mercedes Landazuri and Past-Chair Adam Kohn worked with SPE headquarters to create an NGAB retreat collocated with SPE's inaugural Injection Molding Technical Conference (IMTECH) in Chicago this past August.
During this two-day brainstorming session, NGAB brought in experienced SPE leaders to provide guidance on attracting young professionals and using effective marketing to bring in benefactors.
To make the retreat more effective, paralleling it with IMTECH enabled NGAB members to attend injection molding technical talks and serve as volunteers at the conference.
In addition to the two-day retreat and attendance at the conference, NGAB also hosted a nighttime barbecue and volleyball tournament for conference attendees at a nearby park.
Mercedes Landazuri, current chair of NGAB and operations manager at Apex Colors Inc.
The NGAB would like to thank SPE and SPE's Injection Molding Division for financially supporting the retreat and this incredible professional development opportunity.
This second group is in effect a separate NGAB production center within the provincial government, whose director is appointed by NGAB after consultation with local government.
But some NGAB events this year that might typically thought of as "student events" will be open to a wider range of professionals.