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NGARANatural Gums and Resins in Africa
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Achebe in his essay, "Colonialist Criticism", castigates the colonial critic who he believes is arrogant, and according to Ngara, "Achebe advises the European critic of African literature to cultivate humility and get rid of his air of superiority and arrogance" (1982:04).
In the words of Emmanuel Ngara, Kangan's political and socio-economic milieu has rendered the downtrodden "either pushed to periphery or relegated to oblivion" (1990: 122) thereby shrinking the Habermasian public sphere that rather resounds with the incorporation of the people's view in the political process.
BAHRAIN University Teachers College assistant professor Dr Constantine Ngara has returned home after helping run a workshop on intelligence in Canada.
Conducted by Miki Flockemann, Wahseema Roberts, Andrea Castle, Antjie Krog, and Kudzayi Ngara
In February 2005, Tanzanians in Ngara burned to death a refugee who was caught stealing beans from their village.
Malany maju nganbaldakaniny ngara baraka, ngaldalmalangkajangkaj.
Regarding social commitment, Ngara (1985:vii) asserts:
The value of assertive coordination was demonstrated in Tanzania in 1994, when host government authorities gave UNHCR the power to choose which NGOs would be allowed to work in the refugee camps for Rwandan refugees in Ngara.
Indeed, she has a well deserved reputation for following traditional values which has earned her the title of ngara, a person of near supernatural power, unstoppable bravery and honesty, and exemplary character.
Ngara vibrates to the rhythm of processions, to tambourines, dances, chants, applause, the usual sounds of ordination ceremonies in Burundi.
Since the source for these "types' is an article by Emmanuel Ngara, it is not entirely surprising that Spender is not in the "Selected Bibliography.
The fact that AIDS is not the most important cause of poverty is obvious from the fact that two of the districts where the AIDS epidemic had been extremely severe for a decade, Bukoba Urban and Muleba, had the least problem with poverty, while one of the districts with almost no AIDS, Ngara, had the most poverty.