NGATSNext Generation Air Transportation System
NGATSNext Generation Army Target System
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The NGATS capabilities production document was coded as a joint interest requirement, so PD TMDE leveraged Navy and Marine Corps automatic test system architecture to develop some of the NGATS hardware solutions.
The NGATS configuration consists of two heavy expanded-mobility tactical trucks, two 20-foot shelters, one 60-kilowatt generator, ATE, and multiple test program sets to perform diagnostic support for all variants of the Abrams tank, Bradley fighting vehicle, Paladin artillery system, Avenger air defense system, and future weapons system platforms.
But there isn't a detailed plan for NGATS we can analyze, see what we're supposed to be getting in exchange for higher taxes and make recommendations.
To design and integrate NGATS, Congress in 2003 created the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO), consisting of elements from the FAA and other federal agencies.
JPDO's partner agencies have agreed on a vision for NGATS and on eight strategies that broadly address the goals and objectives of NGATS.
FAA also faces challenges in finding ways to reduce costs or realize savings to help fund the costs of transitioning to NGATS while continuing to operate and maintain the current system.
As part of its planning, JPDO is working to develop a cost estimate for NGATS through a series of workshops with various stakeholders.
In addition, despite early successes, JPDO may have difficulty continuing to leverage its partner agencies' resources and expertise for NGATS because these agencies have missions and priorities in addition to NGATS and JPDO does not yet have signed, long-term agreements with the partner agencies on their respective roles and responsibilities.
Under the deal, AAR Corp will design, test and produce two types of 20-feet ISO shelters to support the NGATS, including a maintenance shelter to accommodate the test system the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) shelter and the NGATS storage shelter to store essential system-specific hardware for testing system components.
Next Generation Air Transportation System, as the program to modernize the US air traffic control system is now known, will revolutionize the airways in the same way that construction of the US interstate highway system changed how people and goods move on the ground, outgoing Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta said Wednesday at a forum on NGATS in Washington.
The award asks for the design, test, and production of 2 kinds of 20-foot ISO shelters that will bolster the NGATS, comprising an Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) shelter, that is a maintenance shelter that holds the actual test system, and the NGATS storage shelter that accommodates the system-specific hardware needed to test the systems components.
A description on the company's website states that the NGATS complies with the Joint Services NxTest architecture.