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NGBNational Guard Bureau
NGBNational Governing Body
NGBNational Garden Bureau
NGBNAWC (Naval Air Warfare Center) Governance Board
NGBNordic Gene Bank (Sweden)
NGBNintendo Game Boy (game)
NGBneurogenic bladder
NGBNever Get Busted
NGBNumerical-Grade Basis (grading system)
NGBNew Generation Billing
NGBNatural Graphite Brush
NGBNorth Georgia Beverage
NGBNose Gear Box
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We are committed to working with NGB to ensure that clients are provided with the highest quality IP services support and to invest with NGB in delivering market-leading solutions to assist Japanese and international companies in addressing their rapidly evolving IP management needs.
In partnership with the NGB, the ICDT established a formal process for reviewing each of the six functional areas of the CST--survey, command, operations, medical, communications, and administrative/logistics--and the common-core requirements.
But PGS and advanced cruise missiles offer great promise in the near and longer term to rapidly engage fixed and hardened targets, while UCAS and NGB offer short- and far-term options for the time-sensitive targeting necessary to engage mobile and fleeting targets.
each NGB to possess effective mechanisms to ensure compliance, to investigate potential rule breaches and to impose sanctions;
TRAINING Some NGBs require further training for instructors to achieve a children's instructor award before working with children.
Franke, Deputy Director, NGB Counterdrug Directorate, Memorandum [with 2 attachments], "Subject: Response to DoD IG Quick Reaction Report, C-26 Modification Program" (Mar.
NORTHCOM has several ongoing efforts to improve coordination with the states and NGB in planning for its missions and responding to requests for civil support.
John Scott, the director of drug-free sport at UK Sport, said: "These four key governing bodies signing the NGB agreement is an important landmark in the ongoing roll-out of the policy and we will continue apace in getting all the governing bodies we work with on board.
Therefore SCW would hope that local authorities encourage all clubs to affiliate to the respective NGB and take advantage of the benefits on offer eg insurance, economies of scale, domestic competition and performance pathways.
6 per cent between 1996 and 1999 because of the introduction of the NGB supplement.
Benn was quizzed by a WPC when his stationary Mercedes - registration H1 NGB - was hit by a car outside a second London club, the Ministry of Sound.
80% Series 2014, of NGB, which are marked paid in full by Fitch; --2.