NGBKNational Genebank of Kenya
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7) The NGBK has been financed by the Stiftung (Foundation) Deutsche Klassenlotterie since 1969.
The large-scale housing projects in Frankfurt, with architect Ernst May as head of Municipal Housing, and in Berlin, under the direction of Martin Wagner, paved the way for numerous other projects throughout Germany after 1927 (RFGWBW, 1929: 92-130; Wingler, 1969: 126-127; NGBK, 1977: 41-108; Lane, 1985: 87-124; Kaes, Jay, and Dimendberg, 1994: 454-473).
He and Sheree concentrated on visual art pieces, some of which were exhibited at Galerie Analix in Geneva and at NGBK Gallery in Berlin.