NGBSNational Green Building Standard (ANSI accredited standard used to construct green residential homes)
NGBSNational Governing Body of Sport (UK)
NGBSNext Generation Broadband Services (Ciena)
NGBSNational Governance Baseline Survey (Zambia)
NGBSNext Generation Business System (Tadiran Business Systems, Ltd.)
NGBSNext Generation Bomber Study (US Air Force)
NGBSNext Generation Bomb Suit (US DHS)
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pursued and achieved NGBS Green Land Development Certification for the newly constructed Marseilles Village community, almost by accident.
For more information about Nigora goats, please call or email either of the founders of the NGBS.
Information about the NGBS certification is available at http://www.
The updated NGBS clarifies the certification process for multifamily buildings and specifies the requirements for common areas versus apartment units.
Publication of the updated NGBS (ICC-7o 2o08) is expected in early 2013.
The session was intended for firms that are currently seeking NGBS certification or are interested in the certification program.
This was the first Consensus Committee review and update of the NGBS since it was first published in 2009.
The community is Home Innovation NGBS Green Registered, meaning it is designed and built to meet the rigorous criteria of the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) and will be verified to meet the criteria independently by third-party agents of Home Innovation Research Labs.
In addition to the development being certified, every home built in the community is certified to the Silver Level of NGBS at a minimum.
NAA/NMHC played key roles in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) certification process for NGBS, offering input and comment as ANSI requires.
Of note, the NGBS and the IgCC have substantialIv different formats.
First published in 2009, the NGBS is the only code-based green building program for residential construction and provides an alternative to non-standardized green rating systems such as LFED.