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NGCNew General Catalogue (of Nebulae and Star Clusters; astronomy)
NGCNational Guideline Clearinghouse (evidence-based clinical practice guidelines; Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; US Department of Health and Human Services)
NGCNumismatic Guaranty Corporation (Sarasota, FL; est. 1987)
NGCNational Geographic Channel (TV)
NGCNorthrop Grumman Corporation
NGCNational Gallery of Canada
NGCNintendo GameCube (videogame console)
NGCNational Gypsum Company
NGCNational Gas Company
NGCNational Garden Clubs, Inc (St. Louis, MO)
NGCNational Grid Company (England)
NGCNevada Gaming Commission
NGCNational Governors Council (UK)
NGCNew Generation Cooperative (agribusiness)
NGCNavigation, Guidance, and Control
NGCNext-Generation Computer
NGCNext Generation Control
NGCNew Generation Crew
NGCNational Geospatial Intelligence College
NGCNational Gateway Center
NGCNational Garifuna Council of Belize
NGCNational Glass Center (UK)
NGCNATO Geographic Conference
NGCNeo Geo Color
NGCNetwork Governance Committee (Australia)
NGCNantucket Garden Club
NGCNetwork Group Controller
NGCNext Generation Conference
NGCNational Golf Challenge (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network)
NGCNew German Cinema
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Neil's role is to support these brands with dedicated sales activity as well as developing the NGC one-stop shop services for gift cards and digital.
NGC is proud to partner with Watters Designs to help them to continue to grow their business and provide their customers with exceptional service and quality, said the president of sales, marketing, and R&D, NGC Software.
The galaxy IC 5160 is only 6' north of the lovely open cluster NGC 7193.
With each collision, gas and dust feed a supermassive black hole in the core of NGC 1316 that weighs about as much as 150 million suns.
Instead, the star is in front of the galaxy and closer to Earth than NGC 4866.
The cause of the baby boom in NGC 6334 isn't clear.
NGC solutions help increase profitability, reduce costs, improve speed to market and product quality, and manage compliance and testing.
How do rules and procedures for trading NGC stock affect cooperative formation and vulnerability to takeover?
In addition, NGC s software will be able to help A+ School & Career Apparel maintain its core commitment to deliver quality school uniforms, and provide remarkable customer experience and support to each buyer.
The effect of gravity has also led to increased pressure within the NGC 2936 galaxy, leading to increased star formation activity.
A very special galaxy is Arp 252 (PGC 27928 and PGC 27929), which is situated a few degrees west of NGC 3242 and has also been popular known as the Question Mark Galaxy.
The chance alignment of the two galaxies, as seen from Earth, gives a unique look at the silhouetted spiral arms in the closer face-on spiral, NGC 3314A.