NGCCNatural Gas Combined Cycle
NGCCNavire de la Garde Côtière Canadienne
NGCCNew Generation Community Church
NGCCNational Guard Computer Center
NGCCNick Gale Custom Cycles (UK)
NGCCNext Generation Call Centre (Datapoint Consulting, UK)
NGCCNext Generation Children's Center, Inc.
NGCCNassawango Golf & Country Club (Worcester County, Maryland)
NGCCNepal Girls Care Centre (Kathmandu, Nepal; est. 1996)
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Results show that the coefficient for private credit is negative and significant at for both GCC and NGCC countries.
ASU's Director of Operations, Research Computing and Senior HPC Architect Jay Etchings, who will also present at Internet2's Global Summit meeting this month, says the NGCC is poised to address precision medicine challenges and beyond.
The need for the $700 NGCC that was supposed to be concluded by 2018 and was based, in part, on energy forecasts via 2035 that included serving municipal customers.
Establishment of a National GIS Coordination Committee (NGCC): The NGCC consists of all major Geographical Information stakeholders in Government, Parastatals and the Academia.
The NGCC team focused on commercial cargo aircraft operating from Dover AFB as the "sweet spot" for initial process improvements.
According to the indictment,Lodin and Farooqi offered the Army captain $1 million in bribes if he agreed to assist in disqualifying lower bidders on the Logar Road Contract and influence the award of the contract to NGCC and Hamed Lais.
The two new facilities in India will also become NGCC sites.
Proposed for construction in Muhlenberg County, the NGCC plant, would generate around 40 permanent full-time jobs and several hundred construction jobs in western Kentucky.
Subcritical PC 1,888 Supercritical PC 1,768 NGCC 804 Note: Table made from bar graph.
NGCC will initially apply for 3 dispensary licenses while identifying key retail locations.
There are more than 1,000 NGCC plants operating across globe and leading NGCC manufacturers are developing the next generation NGCC technology capable to deliver the net operating efficiency of more than 60%.