NGCINational Geographic Channels International
NGCINext Generation Communications, Inc. (Lighthouse Point, FL)
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We are delighted to have brought to NGCI such a global hit.
Before joining NGCI, Wilkinson worked with Fox Sports Intl.
We are delighted with Harman International's generous support to help make this series possible," said Sydney Suissa, Executive Vice President of Content for NGCI.
A business enterprise owned by National Geographic Television (NGT) and FOX Entertainment Group, NGCI contributes to the National Geographic Society's commitment to exploration, conservation and education through its five channels: National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Channel HD, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Adventure and Nat Geo Music.
Around half of those viewers are in Portuguese-speaking Brazil, where NGCI has bought Superstation, which had been airing dubbed U.
Nevertheless, Ricardo Green, NGCI managing director for the region, is quietly confident.
Prexy-CEO David Haslingden, who joined in December, says NGCI is nearing a deal for France, a key Euro market for the doc channel.
National Geographic Channels International -- Schematic developed its branding/packaging system and is currently engaged in advising NGCI on its internal marketing and sales tool.