NGCPNational Girls Collaborative Project
NGCPNegotiating Group on Competition Policy (Free Trade Area of the Americas)
NGCPNew Gas Compression Plant (Brunei Shell Petroleum)
NGCPNortheast Gateway Corridors Project (Lancaster, CA)
NGCPNext Generation Control Point (Orga Systems)
NGCPNew Generation Convergence Platform
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NGCP Visayas Systems Planning Division supervisor Michael Baylosis said the MVIP is a 355-kilometer submarine cable link that can carry 450MW from the converter station in Dumanjug, Cebu, to the Lala, Zamboanga del Norte converter station.
Almeda was named officer in charge of NGCP in light of Sy's retirement.
Essentially, the DICT committed to partner with the NGCP on the use of transmission facilities as backbone for the NBP for the duration of the grid operator's concession, which expires in 2034.
Immediately after the typhoon, NGCP had mobilized almost 600 personnel from all points of the country to speed up the restoration of all transmission services after Typhoon Nina wreaked havoc in the South Luzon areas.
NGCP Communications and Public Affairs Officer Melma Batario said the families came from the various sitios in the areas where the transmission towers and lines are located.
The NGCP collaboration model strengthens the capacity of STEM programs through training that features exemplary practices, program models, curricula and products, such as toolkits or instructions, on how to design activities that engage girls in STEM.
Whenever there is renewable energy injected into their systems, NGCP or the distribution utilities, in the case of embedded plants, allocate the energy among all their customers or electricity end-users, the ERC said.
Earlier, NGCP had lamented that it had been so many months since it has offered to DICT the use-'at no cost'-of the so-called dark fiber for telecommunications purposes, particularly the government's NBP, which is intended to link up government agencies.
The NGCP's letter, dated January 25, was in response to Cusi's January 23 letter seeking clarification if NGCP is willing to enter into a tripartite agreement with DICT and TransCo.
Curiano ,spokesperson of NGCP in the Caraga Region, said Surigao del Sur Electric Cooperative II, which is servicing the municipalities of Carrascal, Cantilan, Madrid, Carmen, Lanuza and Cortes, will also experience the blackout.
If NGCP incorporates it in their January billing, we can expect higher transmission charges effective February,' Fernandez said.
As the NGCP linemen tried to restore operations of the grid lines, power trickled through but since the power supply was not enough, the grid offered power sharing.