NGCWNational Geographic Channels Worldwide
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The NGCW programme is a golden opportunity to achieve this aim and safeguard the aerospace industry in the region.
Carl Maxwell, technology manager at Goodrich Actuation Systems in Wolverhampton, also said: "Goodrich is very pleased to be part of the NGCW project.
Gary Taylor, KUKA's aerospace sales manager and NGCW programme manager, added: "KUKA is looking forward to developing and sharing its expertise in this substantial project, which will not only bring benefits for the aerospace industry, but will further secure and enhance Britain's reputation as a centre of manufacturing excellence.
NGCW is one of the most significant joint aircraft research programmes launched in the UK for decades and will transform future wing design processes and help to maximise the eco-efficiency of future aircraft designs.
With the increasing use of weight-saving composite materials in civil aircraft, NGCW aims to ensure the British aerospace sector can maximise the use of such materials in future wing design and development.
NGCW brings together 16 British organisations - industrial companies and research bodies - on the three-year programme.
Development of the NGCW will bring major benefits in terms of more fuel efficient aircraft - both in the civil and military fields.