NGDNext Generation Desktop
NGDNewport Gwent Dragons (UK rugby team)
NGDNative Generic Database
NGDNegative Group Delay
NGDNew Guitar Day
NGDNewton Game Dynamics
NGD[not an acronym] (formerly Northglenn Dodge; Colorado)
NGDNational Game Depot (website)
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Since opening its multi-millionpound data centre campus for business eight years ago, NGD has already notched up over 32MW of built space and remains Europe's largest data centre campus.
The performance and reliability of the NGD directly affects the level of service and consistency of information received when contacting CMS.
Cuando NGD aumenta, disminuyen a su vez las perdidas, debido a la disminucion de carga que se debe suplir desde la subestacion de distribucion y su consecuente impacto sobre las corrientes en el sistema.
NGD is an industrial process resulting in potential worker and community exposure to multiple environmental stressors (Esswein et al.
The work there presents a proof showing that within a frequency band of abnormal propagation (such as NGD propagation), the magnitude of a causal medium response has a minimum.
Las opciones para esta funcion surgidas de la investigacion son las siguientes: LSA [1], PMI [2][7], VGEM [3], NGD (Distancia Google Normalizada) [4][5] y SimRank [6].
No artigo de Woon e Madnick (2009) os autores mostram que o indicador NGD e direcional, ou seja, para dois termos escolhidos, a ordem em que sao colocados na formula influi no resultado, e o menor resultado implica que o primeiro termo (t1) e uma subclasse do segundo termo (t2).
NGD filed Chapter 11 on January 20, 2006, after the BAPCPA's October 17, 2005 effective date.
MWM-International also will continue to serve South American and global industrial, agricultural and marine markets with the following product brands: Sprint, Acteon, NGD, 10, 229 and MS series.
Inmune Games is selling titles in Latin America and Europe, while NGD Studios is exporting Absolute Free Kick and Billy the Kid: Wanted
The NGD solution used with Motorola's iDEN technology is designed to replace the call processing system currently used in Nextel's nationwide network.