NGDSNew-Generation Dagaie System (electronic warfare system; various nations)
NGDSNegotiating Group on Dispute Settlement
NGDSNovel Gel Delivery System (pharmaceuticals)
NGDSNational Geographic Data System
NGDSNaval Global Directory Service
NGDSNational Growth and Developmental Standards for the Pakistani Children (Karachi, Pakistan)
NGDSNexGen Data Systems (consulting firm; Goose Creek, SC)
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This gamepad market research profiles and talks about 10 major companies including Saitek, Logitech, SteelSeries, Microsoft, Razor, Thrustmaster, Betop, NGDS, Litestar and GameSir.
The French Horizon frigates will also be equipped with the NGDS.
Users: Nato, French, Japanese and Australian forces, the UN, NGDS and various demining contractors.