NGDSNew-Generation Dagaie System (electronic warfare system; various nations)
NGDSNegotiating Group on Dispute Settlement
NGDSNovel Gel Delivery System (pharmaceuticals)
NGDSNational Geographic Data System
NGDSNaval Global Directory Service
NGDSNational Growth and Developmental Standards for the Pakistani Children (Karachi, Pakistan)
NGDSNexGen Data Systems (consulting firm; Goose Creek, SC)
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The sensors suite is centred around the S-band Thales HeraIdes multifunction radar, but flanked by a Thales Artemis staring array infrared search and tracking system, a Sagem Najir electro-optical fire control, an integrated Sigen Elettronica-Thales EW suite including RESM and ECM, plus a Thales CESM subsystem and Sagem NGDS soft-kill decoy launchers.
Following certification with the French Navy, EADS, the manufacturer of the NGDS launchers, will begin offering the upgraded LaCroix suitcases to its 20-plus customers.
NGDS is a fundamental change in acquiring package delivery services and capitalizes on key principles: leveraging the federal government's buying power; reducing the number of contract vehicles; and strengthening demand management practices.
The French Horizon frigates will also be equipped with the NGDS.
com Dagaie ship Galix grd LEM 677 air LEM 728 air LIR 659 air NGDS ship Verdite heli MBDA Missile Systems, 20-22 rue Grange Dame Rose, BP 150, 78 141 Velizy-villacoublay Cedex-france; +33.
Users: Nato, French, Japanese and Australian forces, the UN, NGDS and various demining contractors.
European Report" understands that as well as new-build systems, CS Defense will also offer NGDS technology for retrofit into existing Dagaie Mk 2 systems.