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NGEPNatural Gas Extension Program (Victoria, Australia)
NGEPNext Generation Electric Propulsion (US NASA)
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Before we discuss NGEP any further it is equally important to understand the impact of UFG on financials.
TRAIT HETEROSIS (%) Maternal heterosis Number of embryos 7 Litter size At birth 7-10 At weaning 20 Litter weight At birth 8 At weaning 20 Paternal heterosis Testicle weight 20 Total sperm 30 Improved conception 10-14 Individual traits Average daily gain 5 Feed efficiency 5 TABLE 6-3 Least Squares Means for Muscle Quality Traits Estimated from NGEP Data.
For an agreement to be covered by the rule, an NGEP that is a party to the agreement must have had a "CRA communication," as defined in the rule, before the agreement, and the agreement must meet certain dollar thresholds set forth in the rule.