NGFWNext Generation Firewall
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Several regulations mandate the use of NGFW and UTM, though most businesses need no extra motivation to deploy these foundational security solutions, saidFrost & Sullivan Network Security Senior Industry Analyst Chris Rodriguez.
While NGFW and UTM solutions have earned a permanent place in enterprises, solution providers must incorporate additional features such assecure sockets layer (SSL) inspection, to keep pace with the changing threat landscape.
McAfee's NGFW is a product from Stonesoft, which was recently acquired by McAfee to enhance its network security portfolio.
NSS Labs worked closely with Spirent to validate of the SSL traffic portion of the 2013 NGFW Group Test.
A lack of partner competency could translate to a NGFW which isn't performing at it full potential or, in a worst case scenario, technical issues during the implementation.
According to Gartner, less than 20 per cent of enterprise Internet connections today are secured using NGFWs and that by year-end 2014, this will rise to 35 per cent of the installed base, with 70 per cent of new enterprise edge purchases being NGFWs.
McAfee's NGFW is a Stonesoft product that it recently acquired to improve its network security portfolio and which provides unified, modular and flexible network security for all enterprise environments from corporate headquarters and branch sites to data centres and the network edge.
While nothing is technically wrong with today's NGFWs, much is wrong with the approach.
At the end of the day the main function of any firewall, including NGFW, is to deliver enforceable visibility," says Nicolai Solling, director of technology services at helpAG.
0 NGFW offers enterprise-strength granular application control and security technologies to protect company data and users at every level of communicationthe web, email and applications.
The FirePOWER platform can be configured as an NGIPS, an NGIPS with application control or an NGFW, providing flexibility to deploy appliances to match the customer's infrastructure needs and scale over time.
Optimize Palo Alto Networks' NGFW security policy and rules with usage analysis for applications and users.