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NGHSNortheast Georgia Health System (Gainesville, GA)
NGHSNorth Garland High School (Garland, TX)
NGHSNorth Gwinnett High School (Georgia)
NGHSNHLBI Growth and Health Study
NGHSNanyang Girls' High School (Singapore)
NGHSNorth Gaston High School (Dallas, NC)
NGHSNottingham Girls High School
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These competencies complement the goals of the NGHS Quest for Excellence initiative.
The final analysis included data from 80% of the girls in the NGHS and 53% of the children in the PFS (Arch.
Normally, NGHS requires six months of full-time employment for staff nurses to be eligible for tuition reimbursement, but for this course, this requirement was waived.
The `AA-' rating on the series 2010B certificates reflects the credit strengths of NGHS (series 2010A bonds rated `A' by Fitch) as well as those of the county given the added security provided by the county's legal commitment to pay debt service if the hospital revenues are insufficient.
Potential Stress on Financial Profile: NGHS will need to sustain its strong cash flow to support its large capital plan, which will likely include additional debt.
Previous findings from NGHS cited health benefits of eating breakfast related to lower BMI (findings released in 2005) and improved nutrition, higher milk consumption and increased physical activity (findings released in 2008).
When NGHS was ready to move from a decentralized to a centralized model of staffing, it utilized AcuityPlus to help ensure that the right number of nurses with the right skills were present at all times.
30, 2009, 2008 and 2007, NGHS has posted operating and operating EBITDA margins of 8.
NGHS has completed construction of its new 128-bed patient tower, which opened for patients in May.
NGHS saved a total of $720,000 in 2008 from contract labor and overtime savings and $309,000 year-to-date(*).
For more information on NGHS, please see Fitch research dated Aug.