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NGIONext Generation I/O (Intel)
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When NGIO first came on the scene, 66MHz PCI was the bandwidth watermark.
FIO proposed alternative technology to that proposed by the Intel-led NGIO group, backed by Dell, Hitachi Data Systems Ltd, NEC Corp, Siemens Computer Systems and Sun.
Approval of the specification means that implementation can begin immediately," Charles Andres, NGIO marketing working group chairman and group manager, I/O Technologies, Market Development Engineering, Sun Microsystems said when announcing the release of the specification.
The cores are designed to be integrated into system level ASICs, which will form part of the NGIO sub-system.
Our fourth quarter capped off a solid 2010 for GSI Commerce, as we grew revenues by 35% and NGIO by 27% for the year.
The specification details are the blueprint for each component of the NGIO system.
Mitch Shultz, Intel's director of server platform marketing, admitted that NGIO isn't based on IP but he denied that that meant the I/O traffic couldn't be transported over an IP-based network, like the internet.
Maly said he'd only seen what's so far been made publicly available on Intel's NGIO spec, but that he believes that it's not based on IP.
During the quarter, Crossroads announced its participation in the InfiniBand Trade Association that is the result of the merger between the NGIO (Next-Generation I/O) and the Future I/O organizations.
Meanwhile, Intel along with Sun Microsystems Inc, Hitachi Corp, Siemens AG and Dell Computer Corp are pushing the NGIO spec, which has some 45 companies lined up behind it.
The InfiniBand Trade Association is the result of the merger between the NGIO (Next-Generation I/O) and the Future I/O organizations.
Even if other interconnect schemes take off, SCSI is still likely to play a bridging role between peripherals and such technologies as Gigabit Ethernet, Future I/O and NGIO.