NGIPNegotiating Group on Intellectual Property (Free Trade of the Americas)
NGIPNext Generation Information Platform
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Cisco's FirePOWER NGIPS brings a very strong additional capability to the arsenal of security solutions that BT customers can deploy to protect their critical assets and be prepared for the future.
Through the partnership, the Anue NTO provides the Sourcefire NGIPS with complete network visibility to maximize protection and security investments by aggregating, sharing and load balancing data from multiple network access points.
Sourcefire NGIPS sets a new standard for advanced threat protection, integrating real-time contextual awareness, intelligent security automation and unprecedented performance with industry-leading threat prevention effectiveness.
Sourcefire NGIPS can be upgraded to next-generation firewalls (NGFW) through a simple license upgrade that will not impede IPS capabilities," said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Chris Rodriguez.
Sourcefire NGIPS is powered by FirePOWER (TM), the company's network-based platform.
Based Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services combines proven firewall functionality and application control, leading NGIPS capability, and advanced breach detection and remediation in a single device.
Corero's NGIPS provides unmatched detection of both known and unknown (zero-day) threats.
Sourcefire[R], which pioneered NGIPS in 2003, is extending its Agile Security[TM] vision by providing the world's first NGIPS to incorporate real-time contextual awareness and full-stack visibility, together with intelligent security automation and granular application control.
The FirePOWER platform can be configured at the customer's discretion as an NGIPS, an NGIPS with application control or an NGFW, providing the customer ultimate flexibility to deploy appliances to match their infrastructure needs and scale over time.
10 - Enhanced Awareness and 3(rd)-Party Interoperability Sourcefire has enhanced key capabilities of its existing IPS and NGIPS solutions.
Partners provided input and validated Sourcefire's approach to NGIPS and NGFW and indicated that the network context and application visibility and control delivered by Sourcefire RNA[R] (Real-time Network Awareness) and RUA[R] (Real-time User Awareness) offer substantial advantages to their customers.
Available now, the Sourcefire NGIPS Awareness Bundles ease purchase and adoption while providing contextual awareness to accurately identify real threats, an open architecture to enable customization for a customer's unique environment and intelligent automation for impact assessment and IPS tuning.