NGMLNational Gas Machinery Laboratory (Kansas State University)
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The turbocharger was first tested at the NGML to document baseline turbocharger performance and to develop expected performance gains with the TUBS.
The authors acknowledge the prototype laboratory work conducted by Kyle Wolfram, now an engineer at ExxonMobil, on phase I and the current work completed by Eric Figge, associate engineer at the NGML, and Brad Grieves of Panhandle Energy.
A mechanism to manually re-orient the diffuser and turbine nozzle ring vanes is under development, Once complete, the design will be built and then tested on the Turbocharger Test and Research Facility at the NGML.
A study just completed at the NGML identified the effects of dust/oil accumulation on compressor blades.
6 percent of the issued and outstanding shares of FGN; and NGML and Neil Murray-Lyon will own 373,500 common shares of FGN represent 9.
Alain Lambert, NGML, Neil Murray-Lyon and Sandra Gomes may, depending on market and other conditions, increase or decrease their beneficial ownership, control of direction over the common shares or other securities of FGN, through market transactions, private agreements, treasury issuances, exercise of convertible securities or otherwise.
An NGML short course for industry professionals covers the turbocharger/engine process in more detail.
NGML researchers continue to focus their efforts on the ability to fully understand and measure scavenging, while work continues to develop modified engine port geometries and other low-cost components to control scavenging in two-stroke cycle engines.
The completion of the acquisition of such shares by 2763354, NGML and Paterson is subject to regulatory approval as all such shares are currently subject to an escrow agreement.
Upon completion of the acquisition of such 2,150,000 common shares, 2763354 and Paterson will each own 900,000 common shares of Allrich representing 19 percent of the issued and outstanding common shares of Allrich and NGML will own 350,000 common shares of Allrich representing 7.
With considerable input from industry representatives, a major goal of the KSU NGML is to develop new technologies and knowledge that lead to the creation of a state-of-the-art turbocharger for compressor applications.
NGML researchers are developing and testing an "on-board" turbocharger monitoring system to solve this problem.