NGMTINext Generation Manufacturing Technology Initiative (fuel cells)
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Leo Reddy, Founder, National Council for Advanced Manufacturing (NACFAM) and Director, Industry-Government Forum, NGMTI.
Richard Neal, President, Integrated Manufacturing Technology Institute, and Technical Director, NGMTI.
Reininga will discuss the importance of NGMTI from the perspective of a leading communications equipment manufacturer and defense manufacturing policy leader.
CoPs functions include in-process review of the NGMTI strategic plans as they are developed; directories of practitioners and tools; reports and case studies on leading-edge and emerging applications.
Fully deployed, the CoPs will be our primary forum for managing the NGMTI thrust area teams, who will maintain a living plan and execute that plan for success," concluded Jones.
Interested parties may join the NGMTI Communities of Practice by going to WWW.
Sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the NGMTI team includes: The Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), a non-profit organization that is a recognized leader in consortia management; the Integrated Manufacturing Technology Initiative (IMTI), a non-profit member based organization that is a significant force in advancing manufacturing technologies that benefit the U.
For the nation's manufacturers, it means recapturing and holding a clear competitive advantage," said Richard Neal of IMTI, the NGMTI Technical Director.
Over the next 12 to 18 months, the Initiative will develop a "strategic investment plan" for manufacturing technologies, launch an industry/government forum of the nation's top manufacturing leaders to help guide NGMTI, and establish a broad implementation program.
In addition to ATI, the NGMTI management team consists of the Integrated Manufacturing Technology Initiative (IMTI), Inc.