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NGNNigerian Naira (ISO currency code)
NGNNext Generation Network(s)
NGNNon-Geographic Number (telecommunications)
NGNNetwerk Gebruikersgroep Nederland
NGNNational Geographic News
NGNNon-Gaussian Noise
NGNNASA/NOAA Ground Network
NGNNext Generation Naturists (est. 2010)
NGNNew Global Network (US and Germany)
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Customers are at the heart of everything NGN does and its people work hard to provide excellent service.
IP interconnection between networks are not supported by the traditional TDM-based interconnect infrastructure, which leads to loss of cost benefits of NGN and the new services are restricted to within the operator's own network and customers.
Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, director general of TRA, said: "We are establishing this forum in order to provide the licensees an opportunity to contribute and share their views on NGN regulations framework, enhance the ICT sector in the country, achieve clear and transparent NGN regulations, promote broadband and advanced services for users, promote innovations, and ensure customer security and protection, offering the licensees the chance to exchange experience and knowledge, express their views and challenges to migrate to NGN, and develop the technical framework and standards required for NGN.
The transfer from Batelco's legacy network to NGN was achieved due to the company's pledge to provide services that complement the dynamic relationship between technological innovation and customer demand," he added.
Incumbents are attracted to NGN because they offer them a way to address the increasing competitive pressures that they are facing.
NGN Capital significantly exceeded its initial target of US$150 million in a challenging environment.
Dacom's NGN network will be based on Nortel Networks Succession Communication Server (CS) 2000-Compact superclass softswitch and Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) 5200, which enables delivery of new, revenue-generating services at lower operational costs.
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The report provides analysis of application trends, an analysis of NGN OSS/BSS market and forecast, evaluation of multi-application operational challenges and solutions, and multi-application operational challenges and solutions.
Next Generation Network (NGN) Solutions and Market Opportunities is simply the most comprehensive NGN research package available in the market.
This report evaluates the drivers for NGN OSS/BSS, specific areas impacted, and the anticipated impact and actions incumbent operators must take in response to the threat of Google and the opportunity of creating a more open service creation and operational environment.