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NGONon-Governmental Organization
NGONiet Gouvernementele Organisatie (Dutch: Non-Governmental Organization)
NGONever Grow Old (Cranberries song)
NGONagoya, Japan - Komaki (Airport Code)
NGONon Gazetted Officer
NGONational Gas Outlet
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The Commission is having tough time to get details of over ` 15 lakh already released to these NGOs across the country in the last eight years.
The SC remarked the court be told the NGOs which are not registered are collecting donation from where and this money is being spent where.
Background : Civil society in Romania shows encouraging vigour: NGOs in Romania went through a substantial development over the last 20 years and NGOs activities are important in various domains.
The NGO Community Advisory Council will be a critical asset to the success of OnGood and its positive impact on NGOs worldwide," said Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry.
We believe that this focused NGO outreach from Enset will surely help it reach its target audience," said Siddharth Taliyan, Sr.
The NGOs group warned that a new law that would force aid agencies working in South Sudan to ensure that no more than a fifth of their staff are foreigners could cost lives and have "catastrophic effects" on those most at risk in the aid-dependent and conflict-riven nation.
Public Interest Registry Launches OnGood Community Website to Connect NGOs with Donors and Supporters
The Board of Trustees of EIPR announced that -- though it has long criticised the ambiguities and restrictions of the flawed 2002 NGO law -- it has decided to respond to the government's ultimatum by applying for registration under it," the statement read.
It is a mistake to claim the activities of NGOs in Kyrgyzstan are not transparent," they said.
The Secretariat, under the Ministry of Defence, has 1421 NGOs registered under it, reports the Daily Mirror.
In analyzing these negative effects of participation, NGO research can learn from the literature on social movements.
A: Because you did not say "no," you are now considered to be seeking employment with this NGO and must immediately stop working on the grant and any other matter involving the NGO.