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NGOSNorth Gulf Oceanic Society (long-term marine mammal research; Homer, AK)
NGOSNext Generation Operating System
NGOSNordic Geodetic Observing System
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The NGOs have not submitted the Utilization Certificate ( UC), original bills, vouchers, reports, photographs, in spite of reminders and show cause notices.
The donation collected by NGOs is being utilized where.
Objectives : The NGO Block Grant has the objective to promote the contribution of civil society organizations as important actors in development and participation.
He is a dual citizen of Brazil and Portugal and serves as a consultant for national and international NGOs.
We were looking for a strong and established provider that would help us with our critical day-to-day back-end technical and customer-facing operations so that we can focus on our business development activities and reaching NGOS," said Jeri Curry, who leads strategic partnerships for Enset.
Although the bill is still awaiting Kiir's signature, the South Sudan NGOs forum expressed fears it could jeopardise humanitarian activities and operations once enacted.
ong domain names -- brand new, exclusive domain names only available to validated NGOs.
The government did not act on the end of the deadline, but some NGOs took precautionary decisions.
It is a mistake to claim the activities of NGOs in Kyrgyzstan are not transparent," they said.
Utilising European programmes gives to NGOs important tools in order to raise substantial funds to implement their goals and enhance their operations ".
She said there was a committee consisting of specialists whose job was to make sure the NGOs stick to their statute and objectives.
In a recent incident, the NGOs were instructed by the secretariat to avoid conducting press conferences if it was not mentioned in their annual action plans approved by the Secretariat.