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The average NGPA for students in the traditional program was 3.
NGPA traces its roots back to 1977, when it was formed as the National State Printing Association by Nevada State Printer Donald Bailey.
113) Reinforcing the wellhead decontrol Congress had pursued in the NGPA, in 1989 Congress passed the Natural Gas Wellhead Decontrol Act (NGWDA), eliminating all federal price controls on wellhead prices.
The NGPA also initiated a six-year phased decontrol.
The NGPA was an extremely complex legislative compromise among multiple interest groups.
FERC Order 636 (the final version, Order 636b, was issued November 27, 1992) carried on the theme of deregulation which began with the NGPA and essentially restructured the pipeline industry by mandating contract carriage, including storage in the definition of transportation, unbundling transportation from sales, and generally encouraging a more competitive atmosphere based on private contracts.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) extended its deadline for receipt of notices of NGPA category determination to Apr.
NGPA established a complicated system for eliminating the dual natural gas market.
It is true that the NGPA resulted in an increase in the nominal residential natural gas price.
1, NGPA set a ceiling on the wellhead price of more than 20 natural gas categories.