NGPANon Governmental Public Action
NGPANatural Gas Policy Act of 1978
NGPANative Growth Protection Area
NGPANational Gay Pilot's Association
NGPANational Guard Personnel, Army
NGPANatural Gas Pipeline of America (gas pipeline company)
NGPANew Genre Public Art
NGPANational Goldeneye Players Association
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The average NGPA for students in the traditional program was 3.
113) Reinforcing the wellhead decontrol Congress had pursued in the NGPA, in 1989 Congress passed the Natural Gas Wellhead Decontrol Act (NGWDA), eliminating all federal price controls on wellhead prices.
The NGPA also initiated a six-year phased decontrol.
The NGPA was an extremely complex legislative compromise among multiple interest groups.
1, NGPA set a ceiling on the wellhead price of more than 20 natural gas categories.
The intent of the NGPA was to stimulate natural gas exploration and development and let markets balance supply and demand by gradually eliminating wellhead price regulation.
160-180 employees should Chair across research in NGPA, the Center for Next Generation Processes and Products.
The evolution--more of a revolution in scope--began in the late '70s when Congress enacted the NGPA, Natural Gas Policy Act.
In future, here are six departments under one roof, the Center for Next Generation Processes and Products - NGPA.
7 million from settlements for the recovery of higher NGPA prices on natural gas produced between 1978 and 1983 as approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in 1990.