NGPMNext Generation Process Model (software development)
NGPMNested-Grid Particle-Mesh (cosmology algorithm)
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Findings from the NGPM research provide preliminary evidence that the use of NGPM materials in preschools improves preschool children's understanding of the targeted content and supports First 8 Studios at WGBH and the research team's approach of selectively integrating tablet-based games into the preschool learning environment.
By building on years of findings from learning sciences and conducting our own rigorous research, the NGPM project has shown that it is possible to create high-quality learning apps that young children find fun, and that have evidence of increased learning," said Phil Vahey, SRI International's director of mathematics learning systems.
But Darren Preece, operations manager at NGPM, denied that the parking tickets are enforced unfairly at the car park.