NGRNational Grid Reference (UK)
NGRNational Guard Regulation
NGRNational Grape Registry (UC Davis)
NGRNon Grain Raising (wood finish)
NGRNational Geochemical Reconnaissance (Program of Canada)
NGRNightly Garbage Run (Pokémon)
NGRNational Game Review
NGRNeutral Ground Resistor
NGRNo Gym Required
NGRNeutron Generator Report
NGRNavy Growth Radio
NGRNursing Grand Rounds (various organizations)
NGRNational Guard and Reserve
NGRNicholas Georgescu-Roegen (scientist)
NGRNet Gaming Revenue
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GVC chief executive Kenny Alexander said of the latest figures: "I'm delighted to report another strong year for the group with underlying NGR growth of 18 per cent, reflecting the strength of our brands, technology and the hard work of our talented people.
NGR says the biggest challenge for the future success of the company will be to understand the increasingly complex structures of plastic products in order to be able to provide optimal processing solutions for the best possible recycling qualities.
The ratings benefit from the sound capitalisation of NGR and its conservative operating strategy.
Physically examining all the NGRs at a work site on a regular basis is impractical, because no matter how frequently the inspection is done, an NGR can fail in between inspections, and sometimes a fault is not visible to the eye.
NGR first came to Toronto in March when the strip divas of Skin Tight Outta Sight Rebel Burlesque held their first salon.
Other nonshales, such as sandstone or limestone, are also only slightly radioactive; therefore, if the roof and/or floor is composed of these types of materials, the NGR technique will not work.
With the embryos delivered to the regions, males and females will be born who will constitute, in a second stage, the NGR in Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Puno, San Martn and Pasco, beginning as transfer posts, which will irradiate genetic material to the whole country; taking advantage of the specialization of technicians and professionals and regional commitments to develop this activity
The new E:GRAN 75 is capable of processing edge trims of 120kg/h into high quality pellets, which NGR says is a response to the trend of bigger film processing lines with higher output rates for optimising cost structures.
The NGR Cutter-Feeder-Extruder can reportedly recycle most of the commonly used bioplastics, such as starch or PLA-based products.
A line designed for reclaiming biopolymer process scrap, such as thermoforming skeletal waste, has been developed by NGR of Austria.
This model NGR A-Class Type 55 VSP was built by Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH in Austria (which has several U.
Tender notice number : CCL/GM/ BnK /APC/ SPARES NGR 3.