NGSENext-Generation Software Engineering
NGSENext-Generation Surface Escort
NGSENon-Convulsive Generalized Status Epilepticus
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environmental barriers); NGSE scores, age, years of service, number of deployments, and time since injury (e.
Post hoc analyses indicated significant differences between clusters on EOP, SWP, NGSE, CHIEF-SF factors, and perceived level of disability and/or handicap.
The discriminating variables included in the model were the CHIEF-SF factors, NGSE, and perceived level of disability and/or handicap, based on the significant MANOVA findings.
Participants were asked to complete the Sources of Feedback questionnaire first, followed by the NGSE, Goal Orientation and Attitude Towards Feedback Scale questionnaires in their own time.
Scores for self-efficacy were calculated by averaging responses across the 8 items of the NGSE.
Using information regarding the effective solving of anagrams and Bandura's recommendations, the TSSE scale was modeled after the NGSE scale (Chen et al.