NGSENext-Generation Software Engineering
NGSENext-Generation Surface Escort
NGSENon-Convulsive Generalized Status Epilepticus
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Post hoc analyses indicated significant differences between clusters on EOP, SWP, NGSE, CHIEF-SF factors, and perceived level of disability and/or handicap.
The discriminating variables included in the model were the CHIEF-SF factors, NGSE, and perceived level of disability and/or handicap, based on the significant MANOVA findings.
The discriminating power of each contextual variable, in descending order of effect sizes (squared coefficients), included NGSE = 0.
Participants were asked to complete the Sources of Feedback questionnaire first, followed by the NGSE, Goal Orientation and Attitude Towards Feedback Scale questionnaires in their own time.
Scores for self-efficacy were calculated by averaging responses across the 8 items of the NGSE.