NGSFNerve Growth Stimulant Factor
NGSFNational Glyphosate Stewardship Forum (Iowa State University)
NGSFNon-Genital Skin Fibroblasts
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The pipeline is another piece of the AGL Newcastle Gas Storage Facility NGSF venture, and will link Jemena s gas submission system at Hexham to AGL s Newcastle Gas Storage Facility presently being built at Tomago.
It is approximated that 300 local employment opportunities will be developed during building of the pipeline, and the functions of the NGSF at Tomago will need a lasting team of 15.
Maintenance of sensitive static equipment Tender no: GT10110000 Description: Contractor shall undertake the maintenance works of static equipment, valves and related pipe-works in NGL-1, NGL-2, NGL-3, NGSF, NGL-4 plants, storage and loading facilities and common utilities located within the NGL complex at Mesaieed Industrial Area.