NGSTNext Generation Space Telescope
NGSTNorthrop-Grumman Space Technology
NGSTNeuronal Group Selection Theory
NGSTNatural Gas Services Training (Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK)
NGSTNext Generation Shopping Tool
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All NGSTs are fertilized, seeded, sprayed and harvested by individual grower co-operators on their own land.
A near-infrared spectrograph on NGST should have the capability to detect this radiation, says Nino Panagia of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore and the European Space Agency.
Not the least of those challenges is the fact that the NGST program will have to work under a tight budget.
When we started studying NGST a few years ago, nearly everybody thought it couldn't be done--that it was too farfetched," says Paul Geithner, an engineer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.
Mather of Goddard, plans for NGST had their roots in a satellite, the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE), that he helped design.
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But we certainly can be competitive with NGST in the near infrared.
We're eager to get started on the task ahead and excited about participating in the momentous discoveries that will surely come from the NGST mission.
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NGST will not be launched until about 2009, but this coming year NASA will select one of three competing designs and a prime contractor for the billion-dollar undertaking.
The Lockheed Martin team, which includes Goodrich, Jackson and Tull Engineers and the University of Arizona, has delivered innovative technical and management approaches to NASA for NGST.
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