NGSWNational Gallery of the Spoken Word
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The CSLU engineer working with NGSW is one of the founding members of the CLSU and is its associate director.
The faculty member associated with NGSW belongs to the Department of Teacher Education and works largely alone.
The school systems involved with the NGSW include the tiny rural community of Baldwin, the Detroit suburb of Oak Park, and the city of Benton Harbor (National Gallery of the Spoken Word, 1998).
If the metaphor of the cultural map of the NGSW can be carried further, several other external powers influence the service goals and end-user populations.
At the Ithaca, New York, conference (October 1999), NGSW library staff recognized the value of using Encoded Archival Description (EAD) for doing bibliographic description of the sound files.
The computing staff manages the infrastructure that NGSW will use for delivering the digital sound, which gives them a strong interest in how the services are delivered.
These are the end-users for much of the administration's work, and the more the NGSW service objectives satisfy them, the easier it is to keep the institution funded and functioning.
Their influence on the NGSW at this point is negligible but, when federal funds run short, their resources may grow more tempting and their goals more of an issue.
Several standards groups, both formal and informal, take an interest in the NGSW.
These standards groups are particularly important for NGSW because, without their endorsement, much of the research and work remains idiosyncratic and local, and it becomes liable to revision when a better idea comes along.