NGSWCNational Gerontological Social Work Conference (New York, NY)
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The significant correlates of the resources variable may suggest that (1) attending, or being familiar with, the SAGE-SW public relations events may enhance the stock of resources related to aging curricula; (2) being connected by e-mail with the SAGE-SW project is positively correlated with acquiring higher knowledge about the resources within SAGE-SW project; (3) presenting at first or second NGSWC is weakly correlated to the resources dimension of social capital; and (4) lastly, those who attended the shorter faculty development institutes (1 day or 11/2 days) may be more likely to be connected with the SAGE-SW electronic resources than those who participated in longer trainings.
In other words, those who present at the NGSWC may be more likely to have acquired social linkages.
34) Attending NGSWC Yes 49 56 No 39 44 Presented at NGSWC Yes 13 15 No 75 85 Broadcast e-mails Yes 38 57 No 50 43 Public relations scale 88 100 (Range=0-6, mean=l0, SD=1.