NGTANational Gang Threat Assessment
NGTANext Generation Telecommunication Architecture
NGTANext Generation Transmitter Architecture
NGTANew Gas Trading Arrangement (gas industry reforms; UK)
NGTANon-Granulation Tissue Area (ulcers)
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103) Drug and weapons trafficking, prostitution operations, alien smuggling, assaults, drive-by shootings, and murders are among the list of criminal activities the NGTA attributed to MS-13.
After an extensive evaluation of a variety of available static analysis tools, we determined that Coverity would provide the highest return on investment due to their leading-edge technology that combines the most sophisticated analysis with the easiest configurability," said Robert Hoffman, head of NGTA platform software development( c ) for Siemens Networks GmbH & Co KG.
Family Day is also the "cornerstone of the marketing efforts at NGTA," according to Krangel.