NGTLNova Gas Transmission, Limited
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Capturing these incremental volumes and constructing the new facilities will ensure NGTL can continue to efficiently and competitively meet the future natural gas transportation needs of our customers, Girling said.
Russ Girling, President and Chief Executive Officer of TransCanada said, "Expansion of the NGTL System is an important part of TransCanada's industry leading US$ 46 billion capital growth plan that includes US$ 20 billion of new natural gas pipelines.
NGTL now expects capital expenditures to be $350 million for 1996, and close to $700 million for 1997.
The planned project will be an extension from the current Groundbirch Mainline section of the NGTL system starting near Dawson Creek to its end point near the Summit Lake's community.
They include the Gulf Coast Project, Keystone XL, the Keystone Hardisty Terminal, the initial phase of the Grand Rapids Pipeline, the Tamazunchale Pipeline Extension, the acquisition of nine Ontario Solar projects, and the ongoing expansion of the NGTL System.
To date in 1994, NGTL has been billing its customers based on a 12.
Depreciation costs will be determined using the depreciation rates and methodology that NGTL proposed to the EUB in its 2004 General Rate Application.
This new infrastructure will allow the Pacific Northwest LNG export facility to access both the abundant North Montney supplies as well as other Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) gas supply through the NOVA Inventory Transfer (NIT) trading hub and the extensive existing NGTL pipeline network.
The expansion will allow NGTL to meet increased customer requirements for 2009/2010 and beyond.
NGTL contributed $38 million to third quarter net income, up $5 million (15.
The Decision relates to NGTL's General Rate Application-Phase 1, in which NGTL sought, among other things, the EUB's approval of the forecast 2004 revenue requirement for the Alberta System.
This specialized welding technique was refined by the welding group at the former NGTL and allows welding on the carrier pipe regardless of the CE and CR values.