NGVNatural Gas Vehicle
NGVNatural Gas Vehicle (Coalition)
NGVNational Gallery of Victoria (Australia)
NGVNavire à Grande Vitesse (French: High Speed Vessel)
NGVNederlandse Geologische Vereniging
NGVNozzle Guide Vane (static vane in the hot section of a gas turbine)
NGVNederlands Genootschap van Vertalers (Netherlands)
NGVNegative Group Velocity
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In order to achieve the synergy of efforts, pipe manufacturers should provide Gazprom with the data on planned conversion of the operating equipment to natural gas and on purchases of new NGV equipment.
The strategic decision to introduce an NGV Zone will showcase the latest technological advances and highlight the increased flexibility to use natural gas within transportation.
The new instalment will see Countryside stretch its legs and grow the thriving NGV neighbourhood out towards Norris Green Park, adding 130 affordable new homes to the 218 already built and occupied.
The Drive Natural Gas Initiative, formerly a collaboration between the American Gas Association (AGA) and America's Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA), will integrate its activities with NGVs for America (NGVAmerica) to promote natural gas for transportation.
The market research and consulting firm explained that the current high costs of gasoline and diesel oil, along with the substantial and growing supplies of low-cost natural gas in many countries, are leading to renewed interest from both consumers and fleets in NGVs.
Italy is by far the largest European NGV market, with just shy of 700,000 commercial vehicles, and other large markets include the Ukraine, with more than 200,000 vehicles, and Russia and Armenia, each with over 100,000.
E[sz]The officials said the introduction of the NGV in the UAE would be unfolded in two phases.
According to AFX, the "GoGas" stations will include facilities for installing NGV conversion kits, compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling equipment, a showroom for NGVs and a training center for mechanics.
Wednesday's "all-plenary" session program will feature presentations and panel discussions covering world energy demand and the increasing role for natural gas as a transportation fuel; legislative briefings; a new study comparing 2010-compliant naturals gas- and diesel-powered heavy-duty vehicles; a look at NGV technology advances in heavy-duty hybrid and hydrogen applications; a session about capitalizing on niche light-duty NGV opportunities; and a panel discussion on initiatives that accelerate development, demonstration and deployment of new NGV platforms to meet customer needs.
Setting the stage with an NGV refueling infrastructure also permits opportunities for developing a longer-term hydrogen transportation system, with hydrogen generated through natural gas reforming at NGV refueling stations, and used to support the emerging, but growing, number of hydrogen vehicles," said Clark.
Down the street and across the Yarra River, where the NGV has spawned a spanking-new showcase.