NGWANational Ground Water Association
NGWANational Goalie War Association (soccer; Shrewsbury, PA)
NGWANorthern Governorates Water Administration (Jordan)
NGWANorth Georgia Wrestling Association
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NGWA is experimenting with including the RUPI Index in our monthly report to the board and other selected leaders.
610) 558-2121; Dennis Goldman, NGWA, (800) 551-7379; Dean Hayes Jr.
NGWA also recommends that well owners test the water under the following circumstances:
Endorsed by the NGWA, the WellGuard(sm)program, administrated through Willis Programs, a division of the Willis Group risk management firm is designed to provide contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers in this industry with a total insurance solution.
NGWA uses this week to stress ground water's importance to the health and well being of humans and the environment (3).
BENG'YELA NGWA netted a late consolation goal for the Swifts, who saw their impressive run come to a crashing halt in their trip to Buckinghamshire.
NGWA uses this week to stress the importance of yearly water testing and well maintenance (4).
NGWA members can help develop alternative water supplies and provide water distribution assistance, water treatment assistance, and other related services.
So NGWA recommends a well maintenance check in addition to water testing.
NGWA suggests that water testing also might be considered if 1) a change in the taste, odor, or appearance of the well water occurs or if well repairs are required; 2) family members or houseguests have recurrent incidents of gastrointestinal illness; 3) an infant is living in the home; 4) a person would like to monitor the efficiency and performance of home water-treatment equipment; or 5) a person is buying a home and would like to assess the safety and quality of the existing water supply (6-9).
Because private wells are not covered by the Safe Drinking Water Act, NGWA and its parmers recommend annual well-maintenance checkups and water tests for contaminants of health concern (1,3).
Because private wells are not protected by SDWA, NGWA recommends annual well maintenance checks and water tests for coliform bacteria, nitrates, and other contaminants or water constituents of local concern (1,2).