NGYNext Generation Yoga (kids' exercise studio; Encinitas, CA)
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It also allows customers to combine N2X and NGY ports in a single test configuration.
Ixia's development of the NGY 10GE load module simplifies the integration of IxN2X and Ixia solutions by allowing both sets of applications to run on unifying hardware," commented Rajiv Papneja, Director of Technology at Isocore.
For more information on IxN2X, see Ixia's NGY product page, IxN2X product page, and the FUSION program page.
Arista Networks (booth #1813) - high density and scalability switch testing using Ixia's IxNetwork, IxLoad, and NGY load modules.
Extreme Networks (booth #2143) - high-performance and scalability testing of their 40GbE interface modules using Ixia's NGY and IxNetwork to simulate 80GbE full-duplex line-rate traffic between Extreme Networks' Summit X650 ToR switch and BlackDiamond 8800 EoR switch.