NGYFNational Guard Youth Foundation
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NGYF advocates for and supports ChalleNGe, run by the National Guard; raises awareness of the impact that the school dropout crisis has on our society, economy and national security; and provides ChalleNGe graduates with scholarships and career support to help them continue on their path of success.
Campbell, who serves as treasurer for NGYF and is also a member of its Board of Directors, has worked closely with Senator Landrieu to ensure that the program has the maximum impact for the nation's most at-risk youth.
The funds raised at the gala enable NGYF to support scholarship, workforce development and training programs.
In last year's class, a record 9,300 youth graduated with high school diplomas, GEDs or returned to high school and this past year, nearly $500,000 in scholarships was awarded by NGYF to approximately 300 graduates.
Last year, NGYF awarded $491,000 in tuition assistance to ChalleNGe graduates.
This year, singer/songwriter and NGYF Spokesperson Kaley Caperton, will debut "Red, White and Beautiful," a song she co-wrote with country music legends Dave Robbins and Billy Austin to honor members of the National Guard who work to improve outcomes for troubled teenagers and those teenagers who have the courage to turn their lives around.
The NGYF designed the contest to engage cadets to creatively share their personal experiences and discuss how the ChalleNGe Program has changed their lives.