NH4ClAmmonium Chloride (chemistry)
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The result shows that both zeolite particle fractions removed ammonium ions from water solution successfully, though using finer particles for filter media a lower concentration of NH4Cl was determined in filtered water.
To this, 300 [micro]L of urine specimen, 750 [micro]L of PBA containing NH4Cl buffer solution, and 900 [micro]L of TOAB solution in heptane were added.
The system's advanced SiH4 chemistry eliminates the formation of NH4Cl and enables a 4x improvement in particle performance over furnaces -- along with improved maintenance schedules and competitive cost of ownership.
01 M Tris-ClH, 10 mM NH4Cl, 20 mM PMSF phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride), 10 mM DTT (dithiotheritol) was added and centrifuged at 14,000 rpm at 4[degrees]C.
In the NH4Cl and phosphate-treated peanuts (Figs 5b and 5c), the bands were progressively confined towards the more acidic GDH isoenzymes.
The activity of the GDH-synthesized RNA (probe) that is homologous to the mRNA encoding Pi translocator is vividly demonstrated by the differential distribution of the Northern hybridization bands in the arrays of the GDH-synthesized RNAs of the control, NH4Cl, and Pitreated peanuts (Fig 5).