NH4ClAmmonium Chloride (chemistry)
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5) with: potassium chlorate (200 mM) and either NH4Cl, Uric acid or Arginine (10 mM) were used as the sole N-sources.
The results obtained filtering the solution of supplied tap water and NH4Cl through two filter media of the same 70 mm height with different size (0.
Luego de la fijacion, se lavaron los cortes durante toda la noche en PBS y se trataron primero con NH4Cl 0.
3] [5] which introduced unwanted aluminum, and thereafter with NH4Cl that sublimes at 337.
To this, 300 [micro]L of urine specimen, 750 [micro]L of PBA containing NH4Cl buffer solution, and 900 [micro]L of TOAB solution in heptane were added.
The system's advanced SiH4 chemistry eliminates the formation of NH4Cl and enables a 4x improvement in particle performance over furnaces -- along with improved maintenance schedules and competitive cost of ownership.
Four species of media were prepared by dissolving various amounts of NH4Cl, KCl, NaCl, MgCl2.
Short NH4CL loading test did not induce hypercalcemia in normal subject, but produce profound hypercalcemia in stone former patient suffering from HPT.
1% of either yeast extract, peptone, NaNO3, NH4NO3, (NH4)2SO4, NH4Cl or KNO3 to the growing medium of T.
Primary neurons were pretreated with the lysosome inhibitors CQ, BA, or NH4Cl and then exposed to hydrogen peroxide.
01 M Tris-ClH, 10 mM NH4Cl, 20 mM PMSF phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride), 10 mM DTT (dithiotheritol) was added and centrifuged at 14,000 rpm at 4[degrees]C.