NHAANational Herbalists Association of Australia (est. 1920)
NHAANational Hampton Alumni Association (Hampton University; Hampton, VA)
NHAANational Hydrogen Association of Australia
NHAANew Hampshire Area Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc.
NHAANew Hampshire Adjusters Association (professional insurance group)
NHAANew Hampshire Aquaculture Association
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Recordings of the NHAA International Conference on Herbal Medicine are available from http://www.
As always the NHAA is working to gain recognition for the work done by herbalists and naturopaths in promoting and supporting the health of the Australian people.
The NHAA Annual General Meeting is set down for early November in Sydney.
Dr McMullen has been a member of the NHAA since 1986 and he now runs a busy practice in Stockholm as well as teaching herbal medicine.
Susan Dean was warm, dynamic, vibrant, enthusiastic, passionate, wise, intelligent, playful, inclusive, and leaves not only a great legacy to the NHAA but to her daughter Nellie who she loved dearly and in whom she was enormously proud.
I have fond memories of our working together for the NHAA.
The key to any changes to is to keep the culture of the NHAA enshrined within the constitution whilst allowing for growth and adoption of social change and technology.
At the time of the survey, the NHAA had a total of 1,126 members, of which 867 were full members (i.
The survey was developed by the NHAA executive officer in conjunction with the association's board of directors.
This is part one of a two part article on autoimmune disease and the thyroid, a version of which was presented at the NHAA 7th International Conference on Herbal Medicine in July 2010.
She describes her professional life in two parts--the six years on the NHAA Board, with clinic fitting around that, and her subsequent clinical focus.
If you wish to have your CPE answers marked, please email, fax or post to the NHAA office.