NHAINational Highway Authority of India
NHAINational Health Administrators, Inc. (Peekskill, NY)
NHAINetherlands Historical and Archaeological Institute (Turkey)
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The upgrade to Baa2 has come for NHAI in a very short time.
Sources claimed that the minister did not take note of any opposition, but NHAI has dismissed it.
The ministry has asked NHAI to make provisions for an integrated commercial, industrial and housing development on the alignments of the greenfield expressways.
The road project, initially scheduled to be completed by April 2009, has been delayed by 13 months, primarily due to the delay in receiving the right of way (ROW) from NHAI.
However, the revised rating also factors in the experience of OBIL's promoter in the road construction business, the low technological complexity of the project, and the strong counterparty, NHAI.
NHAI intends to provide tax sops on income during implementation to bring down the overall cost of the project.
All relevant data: taken from reliable primary sources like major players in construction, financing, equipment leasing, tolling and consulting; and secondary data collected from NHAI, Planning Commission and MORTH.
However, in 2015, they were debarred for a period of three months from participating and engaging in future bidding of NHAI projects because of deficiency in services in one of the projects, Dholpur -Morena Section of NH-3.
Moreover, the NHAI officials have informed Vidyarthi to deal with waterlogging from Rajeev Chowk to Hero Honda Chowk, especially on rainy days.
A joint committee of Chief General Manager, NHAI Chandigarh and Chief Engineer National Highways, Punjab PWD was constituted to work out the solution for small obstacles coming in the way of smooth completion of this project.
The agency may cut the rating if GJRL does not receive the annuity from NHAI on time for completion of the project, or there are further time and cost overruns in the project.
The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) had submitted the DPR to the NHAI on July 27 itself.