NHAMCSNational Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
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Both inpatient and outpatient quantities are classified by diagnostic type and are derived using comprehensive detailed data from the NIS, the AHA annual survey, the NHAMCS, and CMS.
There are 517,946 visit records from the NAMCS and NHAMCS for 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2003, and 2004.
This amount is up from 8% based on 1993/1994 NHAMCS data (McCaig, Hooker, Sekscenski, & Woodwell, 1998) and may be the result of the three factors: (a) the growth in supply of NPs and PAs, (b) the potential increased demand for NPs and PAs in hospital OPDs, (c) and the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 standardizing reimbursement of NPCs.
NHAMCS is National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.
The actual visit sampling and data collection for the NHAMCS was primarily the responsibility of hospital staff.
The NHAMCS selects a sample of 550 ED-equipped hospitals using the Healthcare Market Index and Hospital Market Profiling Solution datasets from Verispan, LLC.
To estimate hospitalizations for acute gastroenteritis from NAMCS and NHAMCS data, we combined data from both surveys and extracted patient visits to clinical settings (including physician offices, hospital emergency and outpatient departments) with a diagnosis of acute gastroenteritis resulting in hospitalization, when acute gastroenteritis was listed as 1 of the 3 codes.
Overall, 91% were recorded as part of the NAMCS, and while 26% involved counseling, just 12% of those visits in a hospital setting and recorded in the NHAMCS involved OPC.
A multistage probability sampling design is used for NHAMCS in which geographically defined areas are first sampled and then eligible hospitals are sampled from within those areas.
NHAMCS is an annual probability sample survey of hospital outpatient departments and emergency departments in the United States, first conducted in 1992 by CDC's National Center for Health Statistics.
End point Source (a) Notes Mortality CDC compressed mortality file, Nonaccidental nonaccidental, accessed through CDC WONDER (1996-1998) Respiratory hospital 1999 NHDS public use data files Incidence admissions Asthma ED visits 2000 NHAMCS public use data Incidence files 1999 NHDS public use data files MRADs Ostro and Rothschild (1989) Incidence School loss days U.