NHANENational Health and Nutrition Examination (surveys)
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Kapraun notes that the study's ability to define itemsets is limited by the NHANES data themselves.
NHANES includes interviews conducted in the participant's home and a standardized physical examination that includes measurement of blood pressure conducted in a mobile examination center.
We accounted for the complex sampling design of NHANES [by] using Taylor series linearization and sampling weights, per the NHANES analytic guidelines, to ensure unbiased and nationally representative estimates," the authors explained.
But beyond this 26-year look at increased complacency with unhealthy body weight, we can look back even further using CDC and NHANES data to identify alarming changes in obesity trends in general.
They did not adjust for physical activity, nor did the NHANES data allow them to analyze fiber intake and lung function over time -- limitations acknowledged by the authors.
McBurney and associates analyzed information from 7,922 NHANES participants with available measurements of serum alpha-tocopherol.
The NHANES III (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) reference equations were published in 1999.
The goals of the CDC NHANES fourth report is more than establishing that body burden of chemicals exists.
Adds Dickinson: "The CRN data and NHANES data both indicate that half to two-thirds of American adults use dietary supplements and that their motivation comes from a desire to stay healthy.
The sample size included 10,020 individuals (20- 89 years old) from NHANES cycles 2003-2004 and 2005-2006.
The 2009-2010 NHANES periodontal disease data support the need for comprehensive periodontal evaluations performed annually by a member of the dental team including a dentist, dental hygienist or periodontist.
Because the investigators didn't study the NHANES III participants' actual medical records, they were unable to say what specific forms of arthritis were more prevalent in the early oophorectomy group.