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NHANESNational Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (US CDC)
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The 2003 to 2004 NHANES data for dioxins and furans were downloaded from the CDC Web site (National Center for Health Statistics, 2003).
The study population consisted of 10,896 NHANES III participants aged 20-59 years; they constituted a statistically representative sample of the broader U.
When NHANES data from 2005-2006 were combined with the previous NHANES data from 2003-004, 159 of 2,605 people with BPA levels had cardiovascular disease.
NHANES is conducted every two years among a nationally representative sample of adults and children.
The NHANES link to cardiovascular disease is a third line of evidence implicating the chemical in metabolic and heart problems, Stahlhut says.
Triglyceride levels are about five times higher they were in the first NHANES.
gondii antibody prevalence according to NHANES 1999-2000 data changed from 15.
We consider ourselves the national health census, and if we didn't have it, we really wouldn't know how healthy we are," George Zipf, MS, chief of the NHANES operations branch, told The Nation's Health.
of 7,532 women over the age of 20 in the NHANES III database to study
Kids and adults, whether visiting a doctor or participating in a broad survey such as NHANES "should probably be retested for serum retinol when their serum C-reactive protein levels aren't elevated by illness," he recommends.
The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducts the NHIS and NHANES, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, formerly the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, administers the health expenditure surveys.