NHBNo Holds Barred
NHBNational Housing Bank (India)
NHBNational Heritage Board (Singapore)
NHBNational Honey Board
NHBNASA Handbook
NHBNet Health Benefit
NHBNederlandse Hersenbank (Dutch)
NHBNew Holland Band (New Holland, PA)
NHBNon-Hispanic Black (population classification)
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TCHFL received its certificate of registration from the NHB, to commence business as a housing finance company in 2009.
We have seen honey grow exponentially in its use with chefs, manufacturers and consumers over the last few years, especially with yogurt, craft beers and baked goods," explained Catherine Barry, NHB director of marketing.
Our newest NHB knife line incorporates original tattoo art into the handle of the knife.
In light of this, enhanced allocations to the tune of `8,000 crore has been made for NHB for 2014-15 to expand and support rural housing across the country.
The NHB is not "ringfenced" and the council can spent it in any department.
She also released special publications by NHB, NCHF, BMTPC and HUDCO on the occasion.
Based in Bozeman Montana, since 2001 NHB, LLC takes pride in building quality, and affordable homes for both individuals and families.
NHB says these "interlopers" would take up school seats, jobs and even hospital beds.
Any excavation work on immovable monuments and in heritage conservation areas is prohibited without the permission of the NHB (Art 24 (1) 11 and Art 25 (2) 1 of the HCA).
He added that NHB first identified loans in the pipeline that were under interest rate lock agreements but hadn't yet closed so the referring credit unions could assist the borrowing members.
Armor Plated: The Encyclopedia of Defensive Skills for NHB and the Street" is a guide to protecting one's body in the event of being overwhelmed by an assault where the proverb 'the best defense is a good offense' is simply not plausible.
Using an ANOVA model that included age (3 age groups), sex (male or female), racial-ethnic group (NHW, NHB, MA, or other), and survey period (1991-1994, 1999-2000, 2001-2002, or 2003-2004), we found significant (P < 0.